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Dallas, TX




About The Artist

Beautifully fashioned jewelry is more than just adornments to Molly Sharp—it’s an artform. Over the course of 13 years, the native Texan and expert gemologist has passionately traveled the nation, gathering multiple sources of inspirations and acquiring an incomparable skillset in her quest to becoming one of the elite in jewelry design.

The talented and free-spirited designer began her journey by studying metal smithing in high school. What started as a hobby for the gifted designer soon morphed into a career—one that Sharp took by the reins early on and never looked back. The young designer went on to train in lapidary design in Taos, New Mexico; goldsmithing in Portland, Oregon; and advanced metalsmithing in Nacogdoches, Texas. With the acute mastery of these methods, Molly Sharp was able to break past industry standards and cultivate her passion into high demand, wearable fashions.

Never known to be trendy, Sharp’s collections are timeless and casually elegant—each with their own bohemian and rustic inspirations, actively appealing to women of all ages and those who cherish value and meaning. Currently based out of Dallas, Molly Sharp continues to craft high quality customized pieces for her ever growing customer base. 


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