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Dallas, TX

Engagement & Wedding

"The secret to making the perfect ring for the right client is research..the more the man/woman knows their partner the more the ring looks just like them. The creative freedom projects are near and dear to my heart, but my favorite would be recycling family gold, diamonds and heirlooms into the design. With a questionnaire, a little social media stocking on my part: I am able to create something that speaks their name. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing what my clients have to say after they have been asked. When someone asks what my style is I say..what is your bride like? My goal is to give my clients their dream rings and that takes me all over the map with a little bit of my own spin. No idea is too outlandish when it comes to my designs, the stranger the design the more I get to expand my mind and except the challenge. Love can be said a thousand ways and I just help people do it in metal with stones."

-Molly Sharp


“I feel extremely lucky to have this incredible designer in my life, both personally and professionally. Her exquisite taste and remarkable talent is showcased in every single piece she creates. Describing my custom engagement ring and wedding bands as ‘breathtaking’, is an understatement. From super luxe statement pieces to everyday jewels, Molly Sharp is one insanely talented woman.”

- Sarah M, bride


"Molly has created pieces for us of genuine beauty and true craftsmanship. I consider her pieces wearable art that I will have in my collection for years to come."

-Katie F, bride


"I've had friends tell me that my ring is "me in a ring". It is amazing that Molly was able to make my dream ring without me being involved. She truly has a knack for asking her clients all the right questions about the ring wearer. I will cherish this ring for all of the days to come..and don't know if this beauty will ever be passed down due to it never leaving my finger!"

-Kate M, bride


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